Mike Tyson reveals details of his Islamic lifestyle!

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Mike Tyson reveals details of his Islamic lifestyle!

Mike Tyson is a man about whom one should not spend too much words, because most know him as one of the greatest boxers, but also as a controversial figure who has had many incidents during his career and life. What has been talked about a lot is his conversion to Islam, and according to some information, Tyson converted to Islam in 1992 while in prison.

Still, the question is how reliable that news is. However, his lifestyle did not look Islamic. Mike made various incidents, had various outbursts and seemed to be anything but a Muslim. Some have denied his affiliation with Islam, and believe that Tyson is a Christian after all.

However, in the recent episode of the Full Send Podcast YouTube channel, Tyson also revealed some details, namely that he is still a Muslim, but that he does not practice Islam as he should. Below you can read a transcript of his conversation.


The host of the show initially asked Tyson if he was religious; He replied: I have the characteristics of many religions, but I am a Muslim. Because I say this or that thing, people may think I belong to this or that religion.

I love God. The host then asked Tyson: Do you pray five times a day? Mike Tyson replied; I pray more than I can. My faith in God ... when I die, I will die as a Muslim. This is me as a person. God protects me, he comes to me in all possible aspects.

He allows me to love, to have compassion. It would be foolish of me to deny God. But what interested people the most was: Do you adhere to Muslim rites and customs? Tyson answered: Yes, yes, yes. But I'm one of those lazy Muslims who constantly postpones everything, all my rituals, because ...

I'm constantly at work. I am a bee that cannot stop. I don’t work for money anymore, but I can’t stop. I want to be with my family, do some of my work until I go somewhere again. Life flies fast, I will soon be left with only pictures.

So I'm constantly at work. Tyson seems to have denied all those rumors that he is not a Muslim, and thus confirmed everything that was said.