Jake Paul signs boxer Ashton Sylve to his MVP

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Jake Paul signs boxer Ashton Sylve to his MVP

Jake Paul, YouTuber, and boxer, has signed the "next big star," boxer Ashton Sylve to Most Valuable Promotions. "He kind of checks a lot of boxes that you would want in terms of the next big star in boxing," Bidarian said.

"And just spending time with him and his family, it was clear that there was a natural affinity to each other." "When I came into the sport, I wanted to do two things: really push women's boxing forward and signing Amanda Serrano," Paul said.

via ESPN "And we wanted to help with young prospects and really help and be crucial in creating the next big thing in the sport of boxing. "We believe Ashton has that talent, that flashiness, that style, that knockout power, that charisma to really be a massive, massive superstar and one of the next highest-paid boxers in the game in a very small and short amount of time."

Sylve, from Long Beach, California, is 18 years old and is already 7-0 with seven knockouts as a pro. "I just felt like it was great synergy over there with Jake," Sylve said. "I felt like we're gonna do big things, the marketing genius that he is, he and Nakisa.

I've been watching them since he started boxing and seeing everything that's been growing up and waiting to become, I kind of felt myself the need to be there and be part of the team." "It took me two years, going through all those promotions, to kind of figure out where I'm wanted and where I fit in," Sylve said.

Jake says this is just a beginning

"This is just the start with what I'm gonna accomplish," Paul said. "I'll be in boxing the rest of my life, so people gotta get used to me. I'll be a promoter probably for way longer than I'll be a boxer.

This is what it's about. I wanted to bring my fanbase which was a digital fanbase. ... Now there are 60 million of them who are boxing fans. "Boxing helped change me. I owe everything to boxing. And I just want to continue to make it a better place."