Eddie Hearn's interesting reaction to Jake Paul being booed

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Eddie Hearn's interesting reaction to Jake Paul being booed

Eddie Hearn had an interesting reaction after the match between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano was finished. Taylor managed to win by a split decision. After the fight, Jake Paul appeared in the ring, cheering for Serrano, which is reasonable, considering that Serrano is managed by Most Valuable Promotions, which is also his company.

However, Paul was not greeted as some expected, and fans booed him during his speech. What's interesting is the reaction of Eddie Hearn, who also found himself in the ring next to Jake Paul: He had a grin on his face.

Paul believes Serrano should have won, however, he is happy about such a big fight.

"It was a draw at best; we thought we won, we thought Amanda won. Amanda performed amazing and fought a fight of a lifetime," Paul said, as quoted by mirror.

Jake Paul statement on fighters

The crowd continued booing, but Paul didn't seem to be touched by it.

He got used to the criticism and various reactions of the audience. "That was Arturo Gatti versus Mickey Ward, that was incredible; both women fought their hearts out and this was a historic moment. The crowd is booing but everyone is a winner here tonight and I'd be mad too if I was them."

Jake Paul once again praised both fighters, and believes that the second fight will be an even bigger spectacle. "Kudos to Katie Taylor for what she's done for women's boxing and kudos to Amanda Serrano, you've got to give credit where credit's due.

Let's run it back, like Eddie said, September or October, this second fight just got a whole lot bigger." "The fourth was treacherous, the fifth was tough but she came back and how she managed to win the sixth, the seventh, eighth... the 10th was very close. It was an amazing fight, just a thrilling fight."