Nico Ali Walsh: I think he’s the greatest fighter of my generation

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Nico Ali Walsh: I think he’s the greatest fighter of my generation

A big burden has been placed on the front of a young boxer named Nico Ali Walsh (5-0-0, 4 KOs), but so far he is coping well. The 21-year-old American boxer is the grandson of Muhammad Ali, considered by many to be the greatest boxer in the history of the sport.

Getting into a sport with such a reputation is, in a way, good because Nico Ali has received instant attention and has the ability to skip certain stairs. However, there is also the "other side of the coin" which puts a lot of pressure on this young man and he is expected to be at least approximately as good as his grandfather.

Young Nico Ali Walsh is also aware of this. '' The surname is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it opens many doors, but when people know you that way, you have to work much harder than many others. It is a blessing, but also a burden.

Sometimes it seemed more like a burden, but now I look at the last name as a blessing and try to make positive use of it, '' Ali Walsh explained in an interview with Boxing Scene. Nico made his last appearance late last month, knocking out Alejandro Ibarra in the first round of the fight.

It was the second consecutive knockout victory for Ali's grandson, and he needed two convincing performances after the fight he had at the end of 2021. Nico then defeated Reyes Sanchez by a majority decision and struggled to win the four-round match.

It should be noted that Walsh was then performing at Madison Square Garden, at an event led by Vasyl Lomachenko and Richard Commey. It was Muhammad’s grandson’s worst professional performance, but he obviously learned a lot from that match.

The positive thing is that Nico is aware that he still has a lot to learn and progress. “I feel like I want what the fans want,” Walsh explained. “The fans want great performances, everyone loves knockouts and obviously I want that, too.

But more than anything I’ve noticed with boxing they like a showman, like my grandfather was, like Tyson Fury is. He’s a showman, he’s not just an excellent boxer – so I’m trying to be a showman too.

I feel that’s just naturally in my personality.' ' Nico said, then revealed plans for the future. 'At the pace I’m going, it shouldn’t take too long [to reach the top]. It’s not going to take a decade.

I’m moving very fast, the improvements I’ve made in my fifth fight versus my first fight is dramatic and it hasn’t even been a year, it’s been eight-nine months”.

Nico Ali Walsh names his idol

Muhammad Ali without any dilemma is the main inspiration for the young Nice Ali Walsh, but he points out that even among today's boxers there are those he admires.

'“My absolute idol is Canelo,” Walsh admits. “I don’t think anyone beats him. I think he’s the greatest fighter of my generation, so he’s my No. 1 today. [Against Bivol this weekend] I see it going however Canelo wants it to go.

I think Canelo will stop him, but you’re talking to the wrong person! I think that if Canelo went against Superman, he’d knock him out!” Nico Ali Walsh revealed who is his big idol among today's boxers.

Nico Ali Walsh is currently competing in the middleweight category (-73 kg), but it is possible that he will move to the higher category over the years. He is currently ranked 338th on the Boxrec middleweight boxer rankings.

The top is far away and a lot of work awaits this guy with such respectable boxing last name. His journey to the stars is going well so far, and we will follow the new performances of this 21-year-old with great interest.