Canelo Alvarez is finally stopped! Dmitry Bivol had a great performance

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Canelo Alvarez is finally stopped! Dmitry Bivol had a great performance
Canelo Alvarez is finally stopped! Dmitry Bivol had a great performance (Provided by Financial World)

After eight consecutive victories and 16 fights in which he did not lose, he finally found a boxer who will put an end to Canel Alvarez. The undefeated Russian fighter and WBA (Super) light heavyweight champion came to his 20th victory in as many appearances in his professional career.

The Buffalo celebrated with the unanimous decision of the referee, and all three referees scored the match 115-113 in favor of the Buffalo. Canelo entered the match as the top-ranked fighter on almost every relevant "P4P" scale, while Buffalo occupied 17th place on Boxrec's "pound for pound" scale, and ESPN sees him as the world's second light heavyweight, just behind Arthur Beterbieva.

The Russian boxer controlled most of the match

From the very beginning of the fight, Buffalo used the 12-centimeter advantage in height very well and kept the distance very well with the front straight. Already in the second round, Buffalo showed a lot.

He frustrated Canela with combinations consisting of three to four strokes, and the Mexican's face visibly grew redder. Canelo was constantly pressuring his opponent, but when it came to punches and damage, Buffalo acted more concretely and effectively.

The impression is that the difference in size played an important role, and Buffalo himself on the eve of the fight said that people are sometimes funny to him while believing that Canelo can handle heavy weights. The Russian boxer controlled most of the match, and the Mexican failed to seriously threaten him.

In the end, Bivol recorded the 20th victory of his professional career, and for the ninth time in a row, he successfully defended his WBA title in the light heavyweight division. Canelo said shortly after the fight that he plans to activate a clause that allows him an instant rematch, but the Mexican should fight Golovkin in the ninth month and we will see what happens next for the boxer who is seen by many as the best in the world.

'Boxing is like that, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but always with your head held high,' he wrote on Twitter. 'I stay with the great fight that we offered to the people. 'We will fight again and we will win again."

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