WBC Ordered Ryan Garcia, Isaac Cruz to Have Lightweight Title Fight

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WBC Ordered Ryan Garcia, Isaac Cruz to Have Lightweight Title Fight

The mutual callouts between these two top boxers have been going on for months, and it seems that now they will finally have a chance to turn words into deeds. Ryan Garcia is only 23 years old, and he has already broken through to the very top of the lightweight category.

His career has been carefully managed, and in the last two fights, he showed his true greatness by defeating Emmanuel Tagoe, who had a ratio of 33-1 until then, and before that former title challenger and gold Olympian Luke Campbell.

In addition to her career within the ring, Garcia is also very successful in her career on social networks and the YouTube platform. Isaac Cruz is also only 23 years old and is leading his career at lightning speed given that in his 26 fights he has already fought for the belt against Gervonta Davis which he lost, although many boxing experts claim he may have done enough to win.

In his last fight, he literally ran over former world champion Yuriorkis Gamboa by sending him to the floor as many as four times before the referee signaled the end of the fight and thus sent a clear message to his future opponents.

The fight will be interesting

It will be a fight between two boxers of totally opposite fighting styles. On the one hand, there is the tall and long Ryan Garcia who keeps a great distance and hits opponents from the counter, throws shots in series, and is terribly fast in changing them.

He has been able to do that so far and no opponent has been able to find an adequate answer to his fighting style. Isaac Cruz is a fighter who may have a solution for this style of fighting. He did not get the nickname "Pitbull" for no reason; such an impression he leaves in all his struggles.

He is an uncompromising fighter who constantly goes forward and puts pressure while throwing strong blows that often knock out opponents. He proved to be a very strong fighter who could not be threatened even by Gervont Davis, who is otherwise known for knockouts. Gervonta played that match tactically moving backward and waiting for opportunities to counter.