Martin Bakole won the fight against Tony Yoka

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Martin Bakole won the fight against Tony Yoka

The match between Olympic winner Tony Yoka and heavyweight hope Martin Bakole has finally happened, after being postponed for four months. Now we finally know who is the legitimate candidate to attack the very top of the heavyweight division.

Yoka's career was conducted carefully, his opponents were carefully chosen, including Martin Bakole, who turned out to be a bit too much for the hardened Frenchman. The fight began in the usual Yoka style by controlling the opponent with a forward direction and holding tight to his seemingly impenetrable guard.

Half a minute before the end of the first round, Bakola with a strong right hand sends Yoku to the floor for the first time in his career, he managed to get up, but visibly shaken, he barely managed to wait for the end of the round on his feet.

Yoka started the second round again by keeping the distance with the front direct this time more successfully than in the first round, but Bakole still managed to send a few good shots into the body of the Frenchman. The third round was bloody for Yoku.

Bakole first hit him above the left eye, and then he got his nose with a strong hit. Yoka seemed completely distraught and discouraged at the end of the third round. In the fourth round, the audience tries to wake Yoku out of the nightmare by constantly cheering for his boxer, but it did not bear fruit as Bakole continued to punish him with precise and strong blows targeting his opponent's already bloody nose.


In the fifth round, Bakole sent the Frenchman to the floor again, although it seemed that he did not fall from the blow, but that he twisted his ankle.

However, Yoka did not object to the count, so this round also went to Bakole with a two-point advantage. Although he was already losing heavily on the referee's cards, Yoka only started turning the match in his favor in the seventh round when he hit a few precise shots that visibly shook Bakole.

To take the win on the referee cards Yoka had to convincingly win the last three rounds and even enter a knockdown. In the 8th and 9th rounds, he came back to life and shone, but in the 10th round, he stopped trying to reverse the fight so that the final decision of the judges fell in favor of Bakole.

The referees scored the match 96-92, 95-93, and to the general surprise of all present, one referee scored a draw 94-94. Let us remind you, Bakole was already in negotiations to fight with our Filip Hrgovic, which tickled the imagination of fans who would surely want to see how our boxer would cope against such a strong opponent.