Vladimir Klitschko says he wants to fight Tyson Fury

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Vladimir Klitschko says he wants to fight Tyson Fury

More than five years have passed since the last match of Vladimir Klitschko (64-5-0). Anthony Joshua retired the great Ukrainian by knockout at Wembley, and Vladimir and his brother Vitaly devoted themselves to politics and, more recently, to defend their homeland from Russian invasion.

"Gypsy King" reportedly retired from the sport after the victory, but many doubt the credibility of the decision. Vladimir Klitschko was a guest on the show Uncensored on TalkTV, and in a conversation with Piers Morgan, he revealed that he was thinking about calling out Fury.

“I was thinking I should just text Tyson Fury and tweet, ‘Last dance?’ He wants to retire. We were supposed to have this rematch and that’s what I was thinking about it. You know, I didn't do it because my mind was in a totally different world," Klitschko said, alluding that he is currently occupied by the war in his country.

“I had a dream to become the oldest heavyweight champion of the world … But we were talking about something that was happening before and now there's a big question mark”. Vladimir added.

Klitschko criticizes the boxing organizations

Klitschko is also a big critic of all boxing organizations that allow Russian boxers to still perform.

Vladimir openly calls for sanctions against Russian athletes, because he believes that this would send an additional message. Klitschko had hoped the WBA would not allow a fight between Buffalo and Canel earlier this month, but the match still held.

Russian boxer Dmitry Bivol won the fight, and Klitschko explained why he hoped to ban the match. "The war is going now, they cannot participate at the next Olympic games, they cannot participate at any athletic events because this war is represented by Russia...

I believe that this is going to be the message and is exactly for the answer to the question, ‘What I would you say to Mr Putin?’ … Actions speak louder than words. Isolation, and this isolation speaks louder than any word or any line because isolation is painful.

It’s going to be painful for athletes, for the economy, it’s going to be painful for anyone and everybody involved with Russia," Vladimir Klitschko said. So, as far as his return is concerned, it seems that Vladimir himself has started to lose hope in that, but who knows how things will turn out in Ukraine and how long this situation will last.

Maybe everything will end faster than expected, and then Vladimir could dedicate himself to a possible return to the ring.