Anderson Silva and Floyd Mayweather dominant in exhibition matches

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Anderson Silva and Floyd Mayweather dominant in exhibition matches

The Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi hosted an interesting boxing event led by exhibition matches of various martial arts legends. Floyd Mayweather and Don Moore performed in the main event, and it was an exhibition match arranged for eight rounds.

Moore is a 42-year-old retired boxer with 18 professional wins and one draw. He made his last appearance back in 2016, and one of his coaches during his career was Roger Mayweather, Floyd’s uncle. Floyd is also retired and in recent years has only been in the mood for exhibition matches.

After boxing with YouTube guy Logan Paul last year, Mayweather decided to box against Moore this year. Mayweather, 45, has shown that he still has very good boxing skills. In all eight rounds, Floyd was noticeably better than his opponent, and this was especially evident through the last two rounds.

His defensive abilities are still at an enviable level, and Floyd combined direct and crochet very well. Moore struggled to hit the target and if it was an official match, there is no doubt who would win here. Yet, as this is an exhibition, there is no official winner unless a knockout occurs during the fight.

Anderson Silva vs Bruno Machado

Anderson Silva, a legendary MMA fighter, also performed at this event. "Spider" clashed with his compatriot Bruno Machado in the title fight of the evening. Like Silva, Machado is also primarily an MMA fighter.

The 47-year-old Silva again presented very good boxing skills, but we didn't get a winner here either, because the match went to the very end. The match between Silva and Machado did not offer much excitement and for the most part, it was a passive match, without too much action.

We saw the most excitement in the fifth round. "Spider" shook Machado with his right crochet, which ended in a knockout. However, Bruno managed to recover and play the match until the end of the last eight rounds. Silva controlled the match from start to finish, but the question arises as to what Silva has from matches like this, with opponents like this.

The answer in the form of money that "Spider" earned with this fight is immediately imposed, but the impression is that this event and the fights that make it up did not attract much interest from the audience.