Joshua Buatsi's coach replied to Eddie Hearn: Do you want a brain injury?

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Joshua Buatsi's coach replied to Eddie Hearn: Do you want a brain injury?

Joshua Buatsi showed great quality and maturity, and achieved a great victory against Craig Richards, thus practically securing the position of the first challenger for the WBA light heavyweight title currently held by Dmitry Bivol.

Richards was dominant during the match, and according to the referee's cards, he took Buatsi several rounds. Many are now wondering what is next for him and who would be the best option. His coach Virgil Hunter was asked after the fight whether he considers his boxer ready for Canel Alvarez or Dmitry Bivol.

Hunter, however, still does not know if his fighter can match such. "I can't confirm that with certainty at the moment. Because to be at the world champion level there are things I still have to see with him. But I can say that he will always be competitive in the fight, believe me, he will always go further."

Hunter seems like a realistic man and believes Canelo would be a better option in the end, given that Buffalo has certain advantages. "I'm not saying he would lose to Canelo or Buffalo. I think he would give Canelo a good fight.

His physique would help him a lot and he would gradually tire Canelo. But Buffalo is doing some things that I still think need to be better prepared. I want him to be complete, to get a chance to win the belt, but also to keep, not lose immediately.

The belt must be won, but also kept. "

Eddie Hearn commented

Eddie Hearn surprised many when he told Hunter: "Beterbiev would be a good fight for him, it would be a war." However, Hunter could not help but answer Hearn.

"Why? Do you want a brain injury?" Yet Eddie Hearn thinks that fight is a good option. "That would be a really good fight, wouldn't it? Style fights are always great." Hunter confirmed his proposal. "True, that would be a great fight."