What were the original plans for Floyd Mayweather in WWE?

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What were the original plans for Floyd Mayweather in WWE?

What were the original plans for Floyd Mayweather in WWE? Apparently, initially the plans for the boxer in the Wrestlemania rings were not to go and try to take down the giant of the company, with the same Paul Wight - Big Show, who in his latest interview released to the microphones of Submission Radio, in fact, wanted to tell: "Originally, I think Floyd was intended against Batista and Rey Mysterio.

It was originally supposed to be a tag team match but due to a series of injuries the plans have changed. I think Dave was seriously injured, like he even tore a bicep or a ligament and the same thing happened to Rey too and all of this happened just before the angle was on stage.

So this opportunity came up, hey, would you like to work on it, one on one? And I said: Hell yes, I'll work with him, whatever you want me to do." In the end, Big Show was not even new to these matches between athletes of different types of sports, with the WWE giant already in the twenty-first edition of Wrestlemania had taken part in a sumo match against Akebono, one of the all-time international champions of this discipline.

In the 38 editions of Wrestlemania aired so far for the WWE of the McMahon family, every year there have been some great Superstars from the world of cinema, the world of music and entertainment, the NBA or boxing who took part in the event or as a simple attraction for the show or even as a real athlete, got into the ring to fight.

Over the years, in fact, we have seen characters such as MR T, Logan Paul, Bad Bunny, Floyd Mayweather or Mike Tyson, step into the rings of the McMahon company to make their own match, with some of them also doing an excellent figure, not being professional wrestlers, such as the last two performances of Logan Paul and Bad Bunny.

One of the most historic matches of Wrestlemania with an athlete on loan from another world, is certainly the one staged at Wrestlemania 24, between the Big Show and the boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr, with the young and skinny athlete, who managed to have the best of the WWE giant without a lot of help.