The boxer who hit an invisible opponent died of brain damage

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The boxer who hit an invisible opponent died of brain damage

In the end Simiso Buthelezi died, the South African boxer fought against fellow countryman Siphesihle Mntungwa in the World Boxing Federation All Africa Lightweight match in Durban. A truly sad and incredible story, as it happened, with terrible images in worldwide.

A death arrived within a few days immediately after that match, then interrupted, in which the boxer had shown to be in very serious neurological conditions. During the match, the boxer turned to another corner of the ring than the one where his opponent was positioned and began hitting empty punches at an invisible opponent.

What happened

The images showed Buthelezi turning to another corner of the ring and starting to strike in a different direction than Mntungwa. The referee's intervention, who had immediately understood the gravity of the situation, meant that the match was canceled immediately, allowing treatment to Buthelezi who in the meantime had collapsed.

The boxer was taken to hospital in a serious condition. In hospital he was put into an induced coma, but then death came. Dr Buyi Mabaso-Dlamini at The Sowetan said: "His condition is not good at all, they are critical but stable.

We have found that he has had a brain hemorrhage and cannot be operated on at this time." After that the boxer gave up, dying and upsetting the world of boxing. Here is the video:


Very strong images for a sensitive audience

As mentioned, clinical tests showed a cerebral hemorrhage.

During the meeting she had foreshadowed such serious damage. In fact, those who attended the match saw how in the tenth round, when he started throwing punches towards the corner of the ring where there was no one, Buthelezi seemed in control of the match and had just forced his opponent to the ropes.

Then the gravity of the situation emerged, with the boxer collapsed in the referee's arms. The South African boxing federation confirmed the death in a statement. The images of his last match against Siphesihle Mntungwa last weekend had gone around the world.