Mike Tyson talked about his prison time and lists his visitors

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Mike Tyson talked about his prison time and lists his visitors

The former world heavyweight champion is one of the most dangerous boxers of all time and ended his 'prime' by going to prison in 1992. He was charged with rape and sentenced to six years in prison, but was released after only three years and continued his boxing career which lasted until 2005 when he reached a summary of 50 wins, six losses, and 2 draws.

Tyson, who held WBA, WBC, and IBF titles until he went to prison, was visited in prison by many famous, both acting and music stars. He recently guest-starred on REVOLT’s ‘Drink Champs’ and talked about it with NORE and DJ EFN, and in addition to the stars who came to visit him in prison, he also mentioned how popular Tupac Shakur was and how he was greeted in prison when he came to visit.

“They respected (Tupac Shakur), soon as he came in the room, they started applauding,” Tyson said. “When I was locked up, I had such a onslaught of visitors. “I had everybody– BB King, James Brown, Whitney Houston, everybody came.

Florence Henderson, I can’t even name no more, just so many people came to visit me when I was away”.

Hulu made a Tyson biopic

The Series will follow his life story. "We were never trying to say that Mike Tyson is a hero or Mike Tyson is a villain," showrunner Karin Gist told Entertainment Weekly.

"Our goal was to take a very complicated and controversial figure and try to get under the hood of what he was praised and vilified for while staying true to our north star of no one person is one thing." "Putting stories like this in the spotlight and pulling them out of the shadows is crucial to moving forward and getting the conversation to the next level."

"We wanted people to see Mike's own culpability in his life and society's culpability as well' and 'to let our audience decide what they think and feel," he concluded. Mike Tyson made his big comeback in the ring in 2020 when he fought in an exhibition match against also former champion and legend Roy Jones Jr.

As things stand, we can assume that Tyson will be fighting again this year, given that he is constantly in some sort of potential match story, such as the one against YouTube star Jake Paul. He once said that it would take him only 30 days to prepare for the match, and judging by the recently published videos where he is "destroying" the focusers, we can conclude that he is already preparing for something big.