Opponent of the Boxer died of brain damage: "I'll kill myself"

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Opponent of the Boxer died of brain damage: "I'll kill myself"

Siphesihle Mntungwa, the South African boxer who fought in Durban against fellow countryman Simiso Buthelezi in an African lightweight title fight, is having some truly horrible moments. Simiso Buthelezi died a couple of days after that fateful match, where, at one point, visibly stunned, he was seen fighting against an invisible opponent.

Death would come from brain damage. Buthelezi, after pushing Mntungwa off the ropes during the tenth and final round, appeared completely disoriented upon the resumption of the fight, which he was holding in control. Buthelezi's death has changed the life of his opponent in the negative, who is thinking of suicide for the accusations received.

Mntungwa said: "I was subjected to heavy criticism and insults on social media when Simiso was hospitalized. Things got even worse now that he is dead. I can't take it anymore. I have only one thing left: I will kill myself.

My neighbors also posted very bad messages about me on social media. I'm not safe anymore. I didn't kill Simiso. We may have been involved in a boxing match, but it wasn't a matter of life and death. All that. I wanted was to win the title, which perhaps would help change my life and that of my family.

I am the only one working at home, where I am with my little brother, my aunt and her children. My mother died when I was four years, my father is still alive but we are not with him. So, winning the title would have helped me financially, but people branded me as a killer, but it could have been me who died.

No doubt Simiso's family is suffering like any al between family, he had just graduated. And maybe his family might have sold their cows to make sure he finished his schooling. It's sad and very painful, but I didn't go into that fight with the intention of killing him.

We won't even be able to attend the funeral because we're afraid."

What happened

In the end Simiso Buthelezi died, the South African boxer fought against fellow countryman Siphesihle Mntungwa in the World Boxing Federation All Africa Lightweight match in Durban.

A truly sad and incredible story, as it happened, with terrible images in worldwide. A death arrived within a few days immediately after that match, then interrupted, in which the boxer had shown to be in very serious neurological conditions.

During the match, the boxer turned to another corner of the ring than the one where his opponent was positioned and began hitting empty punches at an invisible opponent. The images showed Buthelezi turning to another corner of the ring and starting to strike in a different direction than Mntungwa.

The referee's intervention, who had immediately understood the gravity of the situation, meant that the match was canceled immediately, allowing treatment to Buthelezi who in the meantime had collapsed.