Mike Tyson on the match vs Jake Paul: It gotta happen this year

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Mike Tyson on the match vs Jake Paul: It gotta happen this year

Mike Tyson is challenged by Jake Paul to fight. While many laughed at what Jake Paul was saying, such options don’t seem unrealistic, given that Mike Tyson revealed on the Jimmy Kimmel show that there are chances for such a fight.

“That could be very interesting,” Tyson said on the potential fight. “I never really took it serious, but yeah it could be really interesting. “Everything is possible, yeah,” he said. “But it gotta happen this year.

It gotta happen this year”.

Mike Tyson on Jake Paul

While many expected Mike Tyson to say all the bad things about Jake Paul, the opposite happened. Tyson praised this young Youtuber and boxer who beat opponents who everyone thought were a level above him.

Paul has proven many times that he can do a lot and is ready. “He’s skilled enough, yes,” Tyson said about Paul. “I’m gonna give it to him. He’s skilled enough because he’s winning. Even if he’s fighting guys that you guys don’t believe is a good enough fighter, they should be able to beat him, but they can’t.

He’s beating people that he shouldn’t really be beating. We got to give him that credit." Jake Paul is a charismatic fighter who knows how to attract the attention of a large number of people. That is exactly why he became so famous.

His fights involve huge money, so it’s no wonder why most would want to fight him. We can’t imagine how interesting his fight against Tyson would be. “And he’s doing so much good for boxing. Listen, this guy got 70 million people following him every time he fights.

Champions of the world don’t have that many people following them. So what he’s doing for boxing is just sensational. No one should be hating on that, he’s helping everyone get money. Why are people mad at him?”