Tyson Fury believes Wilder should retire: I’d say he’s a wreck at the moment.

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Tyson Fury believes Wilder should retire:  I’d say he’s a wreck at the moment.

Great rivalry in the heavyweight division has been established by Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder over the past three and a half years. The first match between these two boxers took place at the end of 2018, and ended in a draw.

Many believe Fury deserved to win then, but despite everything, Wilder was closer to victory given the 12th-round knockdown. "Gypsy King" then recovered incredibly and managed to bring the match to an end. Referee cards marked a draw, and a rematch followed in the second month of 2020.

Fury then demolished Wilder and ended him with a technical knockout in the seventh round. The American fighter was given a chance to take revenge in October last year, but Fury celebrated again by knockout, this time in the 11th round.

Those two defeats are Wilder’s only defeats in 45 professional matches, and since his last defeat, Deontay has not played. It was rumored that the 36-year-old American boxer could retire, but Wilder recently refuted those allegations, pointing out that the heavyweight category needs an American boxer at the top.

The reality is that Wilder lost to arguably the best heavyweight in the world, and he wasn’t totally powerless in those matches. He did very badly in the second fight, but he had some good moments in the first and third matches.

"Bronze Bomber" would be more than interesting to watch against other top heavyweights, and Tyson Fury believes Wilder has a chance against anyone.

"I’d say he’s a wreck at the moment"

“I think he’s a very dangerous man.

I think he’ll knock anybody out if he hits them in the face. And in 12 rounds, guess what? He’s gonna hit them in the face." Fury began in an interview with Queensberry Promotions but expressed some doubts about Wilder's motivation.

"I don’t know what’s left in his tank. You don’t have three [fights] with the best fighter on the planet and come out of the other side to tell a great story and go on afterwards to win world titles.

He has been absolutely destroyed mentally, physically and emotionally. I’d say he’s a wreck at the moment. He’s had a cracked jaw, a cracked skull, been knocked out cold twice. It’s a tough comeback for him, it all depends on what he has left.

I wouldn’t like to see him carrying on, I know he doesn’t need the money, he’s made a lot of money. I’d like to see him retire because whether he wins a few more fights or he goes in there, he’s totally shot, he starts losing, he breaks up his legacy.

At the moment he’s lost to the best fighter of the generation and there’s no disrespect in that, there’s no shame in that." Tyson Fury explained. Apart from the victory over Vladimir Klitschko, Fury's brightest moments in his career are those matches against Wilder.

Considering the aforementioned fact that Wilder was not defeated by anyone but Fury, all of Tyson’s victories gain extra weight. However, if Wilder inflicts a few more defeats, not only will his legacy suffer a blow. Fury's legacy will also be damaged, which is something that worries "Gypsy King" much more than Wilder's legacy and health condition.