Tyson Fury's father on Anthony Joshua: He just needs the right people around him

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Tyson Fury's father on Anthony Joshua: He just needs the right people around him

Anthony Joshua will face a major career challenge in August this year. Namely, his opponent will be a great Ukrainian, Oleksandr Usyk, who beat him in the previous match. Tyson Fury’s father spoke to Pro Boxing Fans about Joshua and how he could have achieved much more in his career.

Most are hoping there could be a new match between Joshua and Fury, but Fury is now retired and unlikely to happen. 'For my money now he’s underachieved, because he’s better than what you’re seeing. He just needs the right people around him.

'I’ll always have time for AJ. He’s given us some great nights, he’s ducked nobody, he’s fought them all." - John Fury said. Joshua has had many career challenges and has solved most of them successfully, but lately, he is having a much harder time.

'Whoever they’ve put in front of AJ, give him credit, he’s fought them. Yes, okay he’s lost, but he’s boxed, hasn’t he? So give the kid credit, he’s still only a very young man.'

Joshua and the title

John thinks that Joshua can reach the title, but he also surprised many that there is a chance that Fury will return and play another match. 'I do believe with his size and strength and a bit more oil in his can and a bit more brain used, he can win his title for the third time, and then who knows? 'You might get the big GK [Gypsy King] back!

But, good luck to Anthony, he’s a nice kid.' He added: 'I just want AJ to achieve.' The match against Usyk will be a great challenge considering that the Ukrainian is in good shape and showed quality in the last fight.

'I don't think AJ has got the ability to pressurise him [Usyk] for 12 rounds, drag him into a dog fight and knock him out.'