Jake Paul challenged Tyson Fury to a million bet, Tyson answered him

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Jake Paul challenged Tyson Fury to a million bet, Tyson answered him

Undefeated Tyson’s brother, Tommy Fury, has finally struck a deal to fight Jake Paul to be held in August (August 8) at Madison Square Garden Arena. With this fight, Tommy will earn more money than most world champions, with minimal risk and a big advantage as far as boxing skills are concerned.

Jake Paul, on the other hand, will try to show the world that he can handle a quality professional boxer in the ring as well as MMA fighters, and after months of negotiating, planning, and moving the date, he will now finally get a chance to prove it.

Tyson Fury recently showed in a statement that he is pretty confident in his brother’s victory and that he is not afraid to invest big money in that claim. "I’m backing Tommy and I will put my money where my mouth is.

I have got £100,000 with anybody. I’ll put it on Tommy and that’s it, that’s how I feel about it”. If Tommy Fury can’t win against Jake Paul he has no right in being a fighter. I think Tommy knocks him out and he has got to believe in himself and go over there and put on a show.

He has to enjoy it as he’s getting paid a lot of money to fight a guy who hasn’t fought on an actual boxer”. Jake Paul responded to that statement and increased the stakes; he wants to bet a million with Tyson Fury.

The whole statement can be seen on his Instagram profile as a ‘story’. "So guys, Tyson Fury who made $40million [£32.6m] last year is willing to bet $100k [£81k] on his brother," the 25-year-old wrote on Twitter.

Two million, three million, however much you want to bet, are you down? Make a deal."

Tyson Fury responds

Shortly after Jake's proposal, Tyson Fury called and agreed to Jake's terms. "This is a message to Jake Paul.

Hey Jakey boy, I hear you want to make a big bet on $100k. You want a bigger bet? You want $1m? Let's do it. Holla at your boy. If you want $1m, you got it. - concluded the Tyson Fury bet.