Joe Joyce reveals his dream opponent

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Joe Joyce reveals his dream opponent

Joe Joyce is a boxer who wants big fights. Joe seemed to be made for big scenes, and now he revealed what his desire is. Joyce would like to find himself in the ring with the winner of the match between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

Of course, if Joshua and Fury have a match. "That would be a great fight to have a match with either one of them, preferably the winner,” Joe Joyce said for Secondsout. He is not afraid of any opponent and is ready to face anyone in the ring.

“Let’s see what happens. I’m there, ready and willing to fight anybody because I’m at the top of the division now. It’s just a matter of time before I become the heavyweight champion of the world.

Joe Joyce on Tyson Fury

Like everyone else, he has had many ups and downs in his career. Sometimes you are at the very top, and sometimes you are at the bottom. The most important thing is to come back again. Tyson Fury would be an ideal opponent for him, but Joyce does not know if Fury will return from retirement.

“I’ve had difficult pitfalls in my career and meanders in my journey, but I keep moving forward, and I will get there. I’d love that fight if he’s going to come out of retirement. “Obviously, he’s going to wait and watch the AJ-Usyk, but I’m not putting words into his mouth.

He can do whatever he wants. If he’s truly retired, then he can vacate his [WBC] belt, and I’ll capture them, thank you." It would be a big challenge to find yourself in the ring with Tyson Fury. “All those three top names [Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, and Oleksandr Usyk] are all a difficult night’s work, especially Fury. Standing in the ring with him will be a tough, tough old fight, but I’m excited for it,” said Joyce.