Jake Paul reacts to Fury's latest announcement

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Jake Paul reacts to Fury's latest announcement

The fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury was supposed to take place this summer, and we also reported that Fury was banned from entering the US due to his ties to a person from the criminal milieu. Because of this, the fight failed, and Paul started looking for a new opponent.

However, it seems that all is not lost. According to sources, there is a possibility that the fight could be moved to the United Kingdom, and that suggestion was made yesterday by Jake Paul himself. Tommy wrote on his Instagram profile: "I'm gutted and disappointed in regards to the issues I have faced with entry into the USA.

This is something that myself or my team could have never anticipated happening. This situation has been left with my lawyers as being denied entry to a country is obviously a serious issue and it needs to be subsequently resolved.'

' To which Paul replied: "I'm sure you're a scared little boy who doesn't want to fight or doesn't understand business." I’m confident you are a scared little boy who doesn’t want to fight or understand business.

I will pay you $500K to fight me in the UK. I will do it shortly after August 6. You accept?'' Tommy Fury has not yet spoken about this offer, but it will certainly be interesting to follow the developments between the two.

Paul texted Fury

Paul did an interview with ESPN and told the reporters: "We didn't hear from him, his team didn't hear from him and he made no effort to try and get into the United States to make the fight happen.

I told him I'd give him until Wednesday to figure this out and didn't hear from him at all, there was no effort put in. I personally DM'd him saying 'yo, I have people ready to get you your visa inside the Embassy, I have the best lawyers'"