Jake Paul weighs-in who is tougher opponent, Nate Diaz or Conor McGregor

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Jake Paul weighs-in who is tougher opponent, Nate Diaz or Conor McGregor

Jake Paul is enjoying a lot of media attention ahead of his next performance, which awaits him on August 6 (the eighth month). Hasim Rahman Jr. will be his next opponent, and it must be admitted that Paul does a very good promotion, especially through name calling with Conor McGregor.

It is no secret that the Irish MMA star is the most desirable opponent for Jake Paul and Paul himself does not hide the fact that he hopes for this fight. He confirmed this in an interview with Morning Kombat. "I think it’s very possible (I fight McGregor).

He’s just been inactive. I’m the one who’s fighting. I’m the one who’s building my brand. I’m the one who’s going uphill, while his entire career has been going downhill. So if and when the stars align, we can make that happen, 100 percent”.

said Paul, and then referred to the fact that McGregor recently called him a ''failure'' “Conor is going to do everything he can to discredit me, but he just wants attention,” Paul said. “If I’m nobody, then why are you tweeting at me 10 minutes after it comes out? It’s like he had my notifications on."

, Paul added. One of the MMA fighters that Jake would like to face is Nate Diaz. The fighter from Stockton is trying his best to get out of his contract with the UFC, and he only has one fight left on his current deal. The UFC is holding him back by not wanting to contract him a fight until he signs a new contract, and by leaving the UFC, the chances of Diaz and Paul fighting would become drastically higher.

“He just knows that I’m the money fight where he’ll make the most amount of money,” Paul said about Diaz. “A lot of these guys know that, and they want to be let out of their contracts so that they can get the payday”.

Jake Paul seems pretty sure who's tougher opponent

“I think Conor, just because of his experience in the ring with Floyd (Mayweather Jr.),” Paul told Morning Kombat. “He’s definitely a better striker, and Nate gets hit a lot more”.

Paul explained briefly. McGregor and Diaz fought two matches against each other, but according to MMA rules. In the first fight, Diaz convincingly celebrated with a stoppage in the second round, and the second match went to the side of Conor McGregor, by majority decision of the judges.