Jake Paul continues to provoke Conor McGregor

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Jake Paul continues to provoke Conor McGregor

Jake Paul continues to provoke McGregor after he turned down a potential match against him and told him that he is a 'nobody' However, Paul has a slightly different theory as to why Conor doesn't want to fight him.

Jake is scheduled to fight Hasim Rahman Jr on August 6th (the eighth month), and that fight was arranged after the match against Tommy Fury fell through. The event will be held at Madison Square Garden in New York, and it will be his sixth appearance in professional boxing.

We have no doubt that with a potential victory against Rahman, Paul would continue to look for a super match against the popular McGregor, but judging by Conor's words, we won't see them together in the ring even then.

Paul said he plans to knock out Rahman hard, which he believes should scare Conor and make him want to keep running away from the fight. “If he’s not scared, I’m ready whenever. But he has his boss Dana White that’s in control of him, so he can’t make his own decisions,” Paul told WFAN Sports Radio’s Carton & Roberts.

“Even if he wanted to fight me, Dana would have to approve it. I’m my own boss, so I can make my own decisions and can fight whenever I want. … After I knock out Hasim Rahman Jr., Conor will be like, ‘Oh wow, this kid can really fight.’ That’s probably going to scare him away from fighting me”.

said Paul.

Jake Paul says he is a professional boxer

He concluded: “I’m a professional boxer, no matter how you slice it,” Paul said. “I’ve got to prove that on Aug. 6 going up against a professional boxer.

But I’ve knocked out UFC champions, superior athletes, sparring in the gym against professional boxers on a daily basis. This is the start of a long career, and I plan on becoming champion of the world one day”.