Hasim Rahman Jr. plans to end Jake Paul's career

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Hasim Rahman Jr. plans to end Jake Paul's career

After Tommy Fury dropped out of contention to fight Jake Paul at the start of the eighth month of this year (August 6), a replacement was quickly found. Hasim Rahman Jr. (12-1-0, 6 KO) stepped in as a substitute, and it is a 31-year-old American boxer who normally performs in the heavyweight division.

With that, Jake Paul in a way satisfied all the critics who criticized him because he boxes with MMA fighters who are physically smaller than him and are primarily wrestlers. Rahman should be by far the most serious challenge for the YouTuber, but here too certain doubts arise because the duo once trained and sparred together.

This gives rise to certain "conspiracy theories" that Hasim Rahman Jr. actually comes to lose for good money. Judging by the press conference, there is a lot of animosity between these two. “I’m the one giving you credibility.

None of your other opponents gave you any credibility,” Rahman said. “Who have you fought? You haven’t fought anybody. You fought champions in the NBA and MMA but no boxers”. Rahman said at the press conference.

The American heavyweight in his last appearance boxed against James McKenzie Morrison and lost by knockout in the fifth round. It was a match between two sons of boxing legends. James is the son of Tommy Morrison, and Hasim Rahman Jr.

is the son of Hasim Rahman. McKenzie Morrison is the boxer Rahman is referring to when he says he fought a 20-0 fighter.

Huge opportunity for Rahman

“This is such a huge opportunity for me. I never once second-guessed or even doubted the outcome of this fight,” Rahman said.

“I’m here to end this façade that he’s calling a career so we’re going to see on August 6th Jake Paul fall. You’re definitely going to see that”. Hasim added. As for Paul, as a big fan of betting, he tried to arrange a bet with Rahman as well.

At first, he insisted that they bet 500 thousand dollars, but Rahman added that he does not bet money. “This is 100 percent a tougher fight (than facing Tommy Fury)," Paul said. "This is what I do. I take hard challenges and challenge myself more and more and increase the level of opposition and give the fans what they want.

People say fight a real boxer – here we go. This guy is bigger than me, he has more experience. There’s no reason that I should win this but I’m proving to the world and proving to the kids out there that if you truly put your mind to something and you’re dedicated, then you will win”.

“He’s going to get beat up by a singer, a musician, a seashell collector, an amateur, a Disney boy, a YouTuber, I’m all of these things,” Paul said. Whether he will be so eager to fight on August 6 in Madison Square Garden remains to be seen. We all hope that Paul will finally be on a real boxing test.