Jarrell Miller recorded his second win in a month

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Jarrell Miller recorded his second win in a month
Jarrell Miller recorded his second win in a month

Former number one challenger for the world title then held by Anthony Joshua and former two-time opponent of Cro Cop, Jarrell Miller, last night recorded his second victory in a month after three and a half years of inactivity and a failed doping test.

Let's remember, in 2018, Miller had a great streak of 23 wins without defeat, and became a challenger to Anthony Joshua. Just a few days before the match, Miller failed a doping test and thereby lost his biggest opportunity in his career, and Andy Ruiz stepped in as a replacement, who then defeated Joshua and robbed him of the WBA, WBO, IBO and IBF heavyweight championship belts.

Last month, Jarrell was initially offered a fight against our excellent heavyweight Agron Smakići, who immediately accepted the challenge, but Miller still decided on a lighter option. Opposite him last night was the relatively unknown heavyweight Ariel Esteban Bracamonte (11-8), who is ranked as the 149th boxer in the world according to the BoxRec ranking.

The fight went to a referee's decision, and after ten rounds, Miller won by unanimous decision. Last night, however, the fight ended in a stoppage, and Miller was once again reminded of his best days. Opposite him stood the rather unknown Derek Cardenas, who has more defeats than victories in his career, but this is only an indication that Jarrell has decided to gradually return to fighting.

After several rounds of strength testing, as well as some heavier blows, Miller knocked down his opponent with an uppercut, after which the match was stopped. Miller previously made an impression on the Fury camp, and received praise from John Fury.

The Gypsy King’s dad previously stated

“These boys we have had in camp, they are as good as what is out there. “Jarrell Miller, there is a stigma around his name but he deserves another chance and we give people chances.

He was doing his job [in camp], performing well and working hard and he’s a nice young man. “I was glad to have had him in camp. He has given us every pound he is worth in what he’s doing. He has come in here, worked hard and done his thing.

I can’t fault Jarrell Miller. “People have all got a past. If you look at the past and not the future, you end up making a wrong turn somewhere. He is only a young man, he still has plenty left in front of him”. It will be interesting to see how Miller handles higher caliber opponents once he steps back into competitive boxing.