Daniel Dubois wants to go one step further: Those are the names I want in the ring!

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Daniel Dubois wants to go one step further: Those are the names I want in the ring!

Although there are many successes in the career of Daniel Dubois, he wants to go one step further and find himself in the ring with even bigger names. From the beginning of his career, Dubois was maximally motivated and ready for the biggest challenges.

This time, that's exactly what he wants. “I want to fight a step-up, a real fight,” Dubois said to iD Boxing’s Rob Tebbutt. “Someone like [Derek] Chisora or Dillian Whyte. These are the guys I need to fight next, in the next step in my career.

These are the guys that will give me a battle, test my chin out. He hopes that such a fight could be a spectacle and what the fans would eagerly await. “I want to give the fans excitement. Settle a few things out and get it on”.

Dubois believes that such fights could provide him only one step more. “Once I get through guys like Dillian Whyte and those guys, those are the fights that will get me ready for the rematch with Joe,” insists Dubois, who is expected to return to the ring this fall.

“I need to be riding high on confidence and belief. He’s no slouch, he’s a top fighter. I need to raise my game, raise my confidence. I’m heading in the right direction”.


Dubois showed interest in boxing from an early age and was a great talent.

In an interview with frankwarren.com, he recalled his childhood. "Dad used to go to The Peacock Gym in Canning Town just to keep fit and I’d just toddle along to watch. It started from there. As a kid, I took part in a lot of sports.

I weren’t that interested in football, still aren’t, but I sprinted for South London Harriers, where I also did the long jump and threw the javelin. I just seemed to take to boxing quite quickly. Shortly after, we moved to the Repton gym, then to Dale Youth – where I won most of my junior titles under a fabulous coach called Gary McInnes.

Later I passed through the Lynn and the Fisher clubs before finishing up at Islington. We changed gyms so often because the coaches didn’t seem to get along with my dad!"