Logan Paul announced his return to the boxing ring

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Logan Paul announced his return to the boxing ring
Logan Paul announced his return to the boxing ring

Popular 'YouTuber' and brother of the controversial Jake Paul, Logan, intends to return to the ring by the end of this year. Logan is currently engaged in professional wrestling, and last weekend he participated in WWE SummerSlam where, it seems, the audience accepted him very well considering that he is just a beginner in this sport.

Although he has often talked about professional wrestling lately, Logan has recently started talking more and more often about boxing and getting back into the ring. Paul said: “That’s why I was late, I was sparring – I’m a boxer again,” Paul told The Pat McAfee Show when asked about his future in boxing.

“We’re getting back in the ring. We’re going to go from professional sport to professional sport. I want to get a fight in December. I have some people in mind, but I can’t say. "You know you only get one first impression.

That’s part of my ability to make moments. I like making first impressions big, so I want to wait until we’re ready”. Paul has yet to pick up a victory in his boxing career having fought to a draw with YouTube rival KSI in his first outing.

Possible fight vs McGregor

On a podcast with True Geordie, he said his comeback could possibly set up a fight with Conor McGregor. "There are levels to this s***," Paul told True Geordie. "Number one, you have to be able to sell a fight.

Then, number two, I don't think that those fights would be on par [with Danis]. This could also set me up for a potential Conor fight, should that ever happen. Jake's also trying to fight Conor, either myself or Jake will fight Conor McGregor eventually." Although Logan fought in boxing only three times, his fights attract huge viewership so that even two of those three have sold over a million PPVs.

In his last boxing match, he fought against Floyd Mayweather Jr. where he managed to survive eight rounds of action. That was last year, and soon we will probably see him in the ring.

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