Ex boxing star: I don't think Anthony Joshua can do that for very long

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Ex boxing star: I don't think Anthony Joshua can do that for very long
Ex boxing star: I don't think Anthony Joshua can do that for very long

Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk could be a real spectacle. Two great boxers will meet in the ring. Both are motivated and ready for the match, but Joshua will still have more motivation. Carl Frampton gave his opinion on the match.

Carl believes that Joshua will give his maximum. "A lot of people are saying Usyk [wins] and it would be hard to disagree with them. It seems like it's a hard fight for both guys but we know what Joshua has to do to try and beat Usyk - use his size and strength and be a bit of a bully," Frampton told Sky Sports.

He thinks that Joshua will not be able to withstand the pace that such a fight requires. Many believe that Usyk will have an easy job. "But the thing that's worrying me is I don't think Joshua can do that for very long. That he can't fight at a high pace and push people around and get close to them for a long fight.

He needs to do it in spurts and I think when he does have a round where he uses a lot of energy, he has to take the next round off at times. That's just because of the size of him really, and his build and his make-up."


Carl Frampton believes that the best tactic is for him to be as close as possible to his opponent and to use the physical advantages he has.

It will be difficult to impose such a tactic, given that Usyk also knows what awaits him, but we will see if Joshua is ready for revenge. "But I think that he has to get in close, he has to use roughhouse tactics and impose his strength.

A bit like [Wladimir] Klitschko used to be able to do, hit people, push them down and just tire them out. But it's whether he can do that or not."

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