Tommy Fury: I'll fight Jake Paul anywhere else in the world.

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Tommy Fury: I'll fight Jake Paul anywhere else in the world.

The fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is still pending. The fight failed twice, will it be third time lucky? Tommy Fury is criticized because he did not send a complaint to the US embassy, but it is not that simple. 'We're trying to sort it as we speak,' Fury told YouTube channel VIP Boxing Promotions.

'But everybody thinks it's just a simple process of turning up and going to the embassy but it's not. It takes time and my lawyers are on to that now, and trying to do everything they can to get this fight on. 'Hopefully, we can get it resolved and I can go to America and fight him, but if I can't, I'll fight him anywhere else in the world.

'I can't say it fairer than that. What more can I say? I'll fight him anywhere else on the planet, you pick, not bothered and I'll be there.'

Tommy Fury is ready to fight: It's too far gone

Tommy Fury is ready for this match and he would like it to happen as soon as possible.

He is ready to make any compromise in order to be in the ring with Jake Paul. Also, it doesn't matter to him where the fight will take place. 'Both of us now, it's too far gone for it not to happen. 'It's been back and forth for a long time and in this game you need a dance partner.

'As you've seen in his last fight, he couldn't sell over a few thousand tickets because nobody knew his opponent. 'In this game you need a good dance partner and I can't say it any fairer than this, I will fight you in any single place in this world.

'You don't have to come to England, I'll fight you in Canada next to America, I'm not bothered.' We hope that this story will have a final epilogue.