Tyson Fury: "When I'm done boxing I'll be ready for WWE"

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Tyson Fury: "When I'm done boxing I'll be ready for WWE"

During Clash At The Castle, Austin Theory tried again to cash in the Money In The Bank briefcase, but sadly ran into a huge obstacle in his way: Tyson Fury's punch. The fighter knocked him out on the ground, driving the arena crazy and reminding us that surely, as he has done in the past, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty and show off in front of the WWE Universe.

He also talked about it himself during the press conference that was held after the event, where he practically did not exclude his involvement in the future in WWE, stating that he is a true fan of the company, even if for now he cannot devote himself to the 100% because his boxing career is still ongoing.

Attention wrestler, the fury is ready The boxer's words were as follows: "At the moment, I am a heavyweight world champion and I have a lot of fights that I have to face in the next few years, but I really have a passion for WWE, as you could see at Crown Jewel.

and here and a couple of other events. Never say never, let's just say, Triple H is here and I would definitely be open to that in the future." Triple H, WWE Chief Content Officer, also commented on the fact as he was present alongside the performers in the press room, saying that when Tyson is available, he would like to do more business with him and that after seeing the brief interactions with the wrestlers , he realized that there could be potential to build good feuds.

"When Tyson Fury finishes his job inside the ring, probably all the time as world heavyweight champion, retiring undefeated, but when he does, the door is always open for him here, we'd love to do business with him.

We enjoy what we can do with him now. Having him and his family here is a pleasure. I know they bother each other, I saw the look between him and Roman Reigns tonight, when the time comes, Tyson Fury and I are going to have that conversation, I can guarantee you that."