Mike Tyson's series is on Disney +!


Mike Tyson's series is on Disney +!

Mike, tv series about Mike Tyson is out today on Disney +! Although the boxer has said he detests the TV miniseries inspired by his life, many are waiting for this unauthorized biography series of one of the strongest boxers ever.

Mike is made up of eight episodes. The first six will be released in streaming on September 8, while the last two will arrive a week later at the same time as Hulu. Since the viewing is not suitable for children, the miniseries will be published within Star, the Disney + channel dedicated to adult content and equipped with a parental control.

In the cast, Trevante Rhodes (who plays Tyson as an adult), Russell Hornsby (manager Don King), Harvey Keitel (coach Cus D'Amato) and Laura Harrier (Robin Givens, who briefly was Tyson's wife) .
Mike, the series Mike Tyson was born in Brooklyn in 1966 to a mother who was probably a prostitute and an absent father.

He knows decay and poverty. The ring only partially redeems him, but allows him to reveal a decidedly out of the ordinary boxing talent: power, speed and technique transform him into one of the best heavyweights in history.

But they do not prevent him from questionable, even criminal behavior. Dizzying highs and lows, in short, told in a miniseries that aims to examine issues related to race and class in America, the fame and power of the media, misogyny, the social divide, the promise of the American dream and, finally, the role of public opinion in shaping Mike's story.

The miniseries was created by Steven Rogers and the first four episodes were shot by Craig Gillespie.

Some controversy regarding Iron Mike

Tyson won his first 19 fights by knockout, 12 of them in the first round. In 1986, at the age of 20, 4 months and 22 days, he won the WBC crown against Trevor Berbick, becoming the youngest heavyweight champion of the world, a record that still remains unbeaten.

A year later he also won the WBA and IBF titles, becoming the undisputed champion and the first heavyweight to unify the world championships. In 1988 he became linear champion when he KO'd Michael Spinks in 91 seconds. He defended his belts on nine occasions, before being knocked out by Buster Douglas in what was termed one of the greatest surprises in the history of the sport.

In 1992 he was accused of rape of Desiree Washington and sentenced to 6 years in prison. During his detention he converted to Islam and took the Islamic name of Malik Abdul Aziz. Released in 1995, he made his return to the ring and in 1996 won the WBA and WBC titles by defeating Frank Bruno and Bruce Seldon by KO respectively.

This made him one of the heavyweights capable of regaining a division belt after losing it. After being deprived of the WBC World Cup, he lost the WBA crown in a match against Evander Holyfield in November of the same year and in their rematch he was disqualified for biting his opponent's ear by pulling off a piece of cartilage.

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