Eddie Hearn has 'doubts' over Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua fight

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Eddie Hearn has 'doubts' over Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua fight
Eddie Hearn has 'doubts' over Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua fight (Provided by Financial World)

Rumors are getting louder about arranging a match between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. "Gypsy King" has been hoping for this match for many years, which is actually a showdown between two of the best British heavyweights.

After two losses to Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua no longer has the status he once enjoyed, but he still belongs at the very top of the heavyweight division. AJ is set to fight in the 12th month of this year, and Tyson Fury is reportedly offering him a 60/40 fee split.

According to Eddie Hearn, who is Joshua's main promoter, they are ready to accept that offer, but Hearn revealed in an interview with IFL TV that you never know with Fury and so far they are not taking the whole story seriously.

“I saw the callout and took it with a pinch of salt,” Eddie Hearn, Joshua’s career-long promoter and chairman of Matchroom Sport, admitted during an at-length interview with IFL TV’s Kugan Cassius.

“Two weeks ago, he retired. Ten days ago, he wanted to fight Derek Chisora in December. Then he wanted to fight Oleksandr Usyk. Then he wanted a half-a-billion or he’d never fight again. Then he wanted to fight Anthony Joshua.

I don’t really trust or believe anything he says. But of course, you have to take it seriously, if it serious. We have to explore whether it is or not. In essence, we accepted the offer. Lots of conversations to be had,” Hearn explained some of the difficulties of negotiating with a person like Fury.

Joshua agreed to face Fury last August

“Don’t forget, we signed for that fight a year ago,” noted Hearn. “That fight was stopped because of the Wilder arbitration. That had nothing to do with us. We also offered Tyson Fury that fight when he wasn’t champion.

We offered at 60/40. He turned it down and asked for 50/50”. 0 It must be admitted that Hearn is absolutely right here. Tyson Fury has been constantly retiring for a large part of this year, coming back from retirement, asking for huge amounts of money in the event of his return, and along the way, he called out all the boxers mentioned by Hearn.

Let's hope he's serious this time because a match between him and Joshua would truly be a huge deal for world boxing and the heavyweight division.

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