Anderson Silva says he is not risking his reputation in Jake Paul match

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Anderson Silva says he is not risking his reputation in Jake Paul match

At last night's press conference on the occasion of the match between Anderson Silva and Jake Paul, we didn't hear anything new or that we didn't already know, but the most interesting was Anderson Silva's statement about his legacy and what, in that context, this match can bring or take away from him.

The long-time UFC champion and fighter who often finds himself in 'GOAT' discussions is returning to the boxing ring at the end of next month, where YouTuber Jake Paul will be waiting for him. Jake has been doing professional boxing for several years and has achieved five victories and is currently undefeated, while Silva has fought four boxing matches in his career, and lost one of them.

When asked by a journalist if he is risking his legacy in this way, "Spider" replied: “Definitely not, definitely not,” Silva told MMA Junkie and other reporters on Monday when asked if his legacy is at risk against Paul.

“I came here to do my best. I’m training hard every day, and fighters fight. “You have two fighters inside the ring. Two fighters have 50 percent to win. I have 50 percent and Jake has 50 percent. It doesn’t matter if people say, ‘Oh, it’s not a real fighter or not.’ But when you go inside the ring, you don’t go to stop, you go to kill, you go to die.

That’s that’s the point”.

“The Spider” is unsure how his fight with Paul will play out

“I don’t know, but I promise I’ll go fight very, very hard,” Silva said. “You will see a different Anderson”.

Although he is 48 years old, Silva looked very good in his return to the boxing ring. First, after leaving the UFC, he defeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., and then he knocked out Tito Ortiz. He also fought in an exhibition match against Bruno Machado in the fifth month, but the fight was declared a 'no contest' Anderson Silva and Jake Paul will fight on October 29 (the tenth month) in Phoenix.