Anthony Joshua's team accepted the terms of Tyson Fury, date and location are known

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Anthony Joshua's team accepted the terms of Tyson Fury, date and location are known
Anthony Joshua's team accepted the terms of Tyson Fury, date and location are known

After Fury went from retirement to calling out Oleksandr Usyk and even Derek Chisora ​​last month, it seems that the Gypsy King will eventually box against Anthony Joshua. Usyk stated that he will probably not box again this year and will be ready to return to the ring only next year.

Fury and his team then turned to Anthony Joshua, whom Usyk defeated last month in Saudi Arabia. AJ no longer holds a single world title, but he still belongs at the very top of the heavyweight division and is still arguably the biggest star in the heavyweight division.

A duel between two British heavyweights would be an absolute spectacle and everyone would be happy to watch it. In the past few days, both have confirmed their interest in a mutual confrontation, and information came from Joshua's team that they accepted the conditions of Tyson Fury and his representatives.

Joshua-Fury Update:

"258 and Matchroom Boxing can confirm on behalf of Anthony Joshua, that we have accepted the terms presented to us last Friday by Fury's team for the fight to take place on December 3rd (12th month).

Due to the Queen’s passing, it was agreed to halt all communication. We are awaiting a response.' ', the management agency 258MGT announced on its Twitter profile, and it is about the representatives of Anthony Joshua.

Michael Benson, a well-known boxing reporter also reported this news.

There should be no further problems here if these are the terms presented by Fury's team and negotiations should continue to move in the right direction. Joshua previously stated that he accepts a 60/40 fee split in favor of Fury, so all Fury's demands have been accepted, but the "Gypsy King" has long been known as a person who changes his mind several times during the day.

So, difficulties in negotiations are still possible, but let's hope for the best.

As for the location where the match will take place, it will reportedly be the Millennium Stadium (Principality Stadium) in Cardiff.

This iconic stadium in Wales has a capacity of 78,000 spectators when it comes to boxing matches and there is no doubt that we would witness a real spectacle. At first, the fact that the boxers will perform at the stadium at the beginning of the 12th month is a bit worrying, especially on the island where the weather is often very unfavorable for holding such events.

However, this stadium in Wales has the option of closing the roof and this would prevent the possible impact of rainfall on the match itself. We have to wait for Fury's answer, and then the purse bid. After that, everything should become official, and we could turn into an incredible boxing spectacle.

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