Canelo Alvarez: I'm the best in the world, I risk everything to keep making history

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Canelo Alvarez: I'm the best in the world, I risk everything to keep making history

About four months ago, Canelo Alvarez was defeated after twelve rounds against Dmitry Bivol where the Mexican simply had no answer to the length and skill that Bivol offered. Now, a few months later Canelo goes for a third fight against Gennady Golovkin which takes place this weekend.

Although Bivol inflicted a heavy defeat on him, Canelo believes that he should still be number one 'P4P' because, despite everything, he takes the biggest possible risk.

Canelo stated:

"Tell me another fighter who is trying in other categories, going down and up in weight, wanting to achieve different kinds of things.

Nobody has done that. "I do it. I risk everything to keep making history when I don't need to risk anything. I've already achieved so many things. I'm in a position where I don't have to risk anything, and I still do it, and nobody does that when they are in a position like the one I'm in.

So personally, I still feel I'm the best in the world." By the way, before the defeat to Bivol, Canelo said that he intended to go all the way to the cruiserweight division and take the belts, and at one point he said that he wanted to box against Usyk as well.

However, he was defeated earlier this year and now he has again accepted a very difficult task and Gennadiy Golovkin is waiting for him.

Golovkin vs Canelo

Golovkin and Canelo have fought twice so far. The first match was a draw, although many believed that Golovkin was better.

A little later, a rematch was held where the Mexican won the referee's decision, but the fans were again upset because they thought that Golovkin was better again. "I'm going to try again for sure [and fight Bivol]," said Alvarez.

"I'm a very competitive person, very persevering. I tried to gain weight and win this championship, but we didn't make it. But we are going to try again ... only that for a second fight, I would look to be in much better physical condition, prepare myself for the 12 rounds.

A different strategy to the one I used with my opponents at 168 pounds. You learn from everything. I tried new things, and it didn't work, but now we have a new guideline for what's coming." We hope that this time there will be no controversies and that the boxer who walks out of the ring with the IBF, WBA, WBC and WBO super middleweight belts will truly do so and deserve it.