Conor Benn surprised by the fact that Eubanks Jr agreed to fight

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Conor Benn surprised by the fact that Eubanks Jr agreed to fight

Conor Benn is surprised that Chris Eubank Jr has agreed to fight in October. Benn didn't expect Eubank Jr. to agree. “I was surprised that he would take the fight,” Benn told talkSPORT. “Forget everything else, all the details.

I wasn’t surprised at the weight, and he really wants the fight. “If he’s saying to us that he can make that weight then that’s great. “I wasn’t expecting him to drop below 160lbs, so the fact that we’ve agreed that weight, I believe he’s a man of his word as he says he is and he will make that weight and it makes it even with me jumping up two weight divisions”.

Eubanks Sr is worried

Father Eubanks Sr is worried about his son and his health because he will have to lose weight. Benn believes that it will not be a difficult task for Eubanks and that it is a matter that they must resolve between themselves.

“As far as I’m concerned the weight was always fine,” Benn said. “It was suggested to my team by team Eubank and we just agreed the weight. “Obviously, me jumping up two weight divisions, it’s a big jump.

“So, for him to come down an extra three pounds that should be no problem really, when you look at it like that. “But, you know that’s not our problem, if his dad has an issue with him fighting me at that weight then that’s an issue they need to sort out, it has nothing to do with me.

“It’s completely irrelevant to me, all I know is that I signed to fight at this weight, for this much, at this time and I agreed on all fronts”. We are waiting for an interesting fight and two great fighters who can do a lot. It will surely be a real spectacle.