Canelo Alvarez dominates Gennady Golovkin and defends the super middleweight belts

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Canelo Alvarez dominates Gennady Golovkin and defends the super middleweight belts

Tonight we witnessed the third match between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin, in which Golovkin decided to move up to super middleweight and challenge Canelo for the IBF, WBO, WBA, and WBC super middleweight belts, and he failed to do so in this third match as well.

Canelo entered the match after a loss against Dmitry Bivolo, which took place in the fifth month of this year. It was his first defeat since 2013, and he is the owner of the above-mentioned titles and belts. He entered the match as a favorite according to bookmakers, and tonight he was looking for his 40th victory by knockout in his career, as he himself said before the match.

Golovkin opens the fight in the center of the ring, and both fighters examined the distance with direct punches. Already in the first round, Canelo started with strong shots, while Golovkin does the first round a bit more reserved.

The impression is that Canelo is faster in the first round so it looks like the first round went to him. Canelo opens the second round with a good left hook, but Golovkin is again in the center of the ring. Canelo attacks, but Golovkin controls the distance very well so that Canelo's punches do not hit the target.

Golovkin hits a good hook, but Canelo comes back right away and hits a couple of kicks and another hook. In the third round, Canelo starts to work more intensively on the body, but Golovkin again controls the distance with direct kicks, and Canelo still hits a good hook that slightly shook Golovkin, whose face is already showing the blows he received.

Canelo moves in style and forces Golovkin to retreat, and by the end of the round, he landed several front kicks. In the fourth round, Canelo continues his rhythm and throws hard shots to the head and body. Golovkin managed to defend something, but Canelo left hook is finding its target more and more often.

Golovkin also started to throw some harder punches, but Canelo dodged most of them, and the impression was that it was another round for Canelo.

Canelo won by unanimous decision after twelve rounds

In the fifth round, Golovkin takes the center of the ring at the beginning, but Canelo does not allow him but throws strong punches, and they ended up in a clinch.

Canelo takes over the center of the ring and forces Golovkin to retreat all the while threatening with a powerful left hook. Canelo is the one who dictates the course and pace of this fight, and at the end of the round, Canelo hit an excellent right 'overhand'

The damage on Golovkin's face is more and more visible, and in the sixth round we mostly see a replay of the previous ones, Canelo is the one who controls the course of the fight, and he hit an excellent hook to the body.

He hit Golovkin with a few direct shots, but Canelo is more and more fluid as the fight goes on, while Golovkin doesn't throw hard punches at all, but instead works with light directs all the time. One more round for Canelo, who leaves no doubts for now.

In the last round, and at the same time their 36th overall, we see a fairly open fight in which both of them hit, and Canelo again continues with his weapon with which he won this fight, a left hook to the head and body, and control of the rhythm.

Golovkin also hit a few hooks, but Canelo's movements and dodges were truly excellent. They were several times in the clinch at Golovkin's initiative.