Canelo Alvarez earned twice as much as Gennady Golovkin after their trilogy

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Canelo Alvarez earned twice as much as Gennady Golovkin after their trilogy

Canelo Alvarez and Gennadiy Golovkin ended their rivalry tonight with a third fight in which the Mexican won. After twelve rounds, he won by unanimous decision, and he was undoubtedly better than the Kazakh in almost the entire match.

From the very beginning, Canelo was the one who dictated the pace and flow of the match, and Golovkin was mostly forced to fight on the back foot. He threatened Canelo with a left hook and threw some things at the body, but later it was found out that he had broken his hand and because of that he could not work as usual.

Although he was more convincing in the match, even two judges gave him seven out of twelve rounds, and it turns out that he "took away" the victory, but it was not like that in the match. Canelo deservedly won and kept the super middleweight belts in his possession.

In terms of earnings, of course, Canelo did the best. He earned more than twice as much as Golovkin, and for last night's match, he earned as much as 45 million dollars. Golovkin took 20 million, which of course is not small at all, but still significantly less than the Mexican star.

What's next for Canelo Alvarez?

"I will take an active break. As long as I have to take to get my hand right, my body right and we'll see what comes next. I'm going to take my time. Last year I fought four times in 11 months," Canelo said.

However, he dared to give an approximate date of when he would fight again: "Maybe in May, September, I don't know". Although there were bad words before the match, the boxers still showed sportsmanship after the final bell rang.

Canelo said that it was an honor to box 36 rounds with a boxer like Golovkin, while GGG said that Canelo was better and that he deserved to win.