Floyd Mayweather KOs Mikuru Asakura in the second round of exhibition match

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Floyd Mayweather KOs Mikuru Asakura in the second round of exhibition match

What we all expected to happen actually happened at Rizin's event called Super Rizin. Floyd Mayweather (50-0 boxing) and Mikuru Asakura (16-3 MMA) headlined that event in a boxing exhibition match, and Floyd was the big favorite against the Japanese MMA fighter.

It took Floyd a little less than two full rounds to knock out Asakura, and he finished him near the end of the second round. It must be admitted that the Japanese surprised somewhat with his resistance, and in about 30 seconds before the end of the second round, he had a pretty good sequence where he hit Floyd with several good, clean shots.

It was as if Mayweather only got angrier at such an approach from the Japanese.

He hit Asakura with a right that ended up on the floor and the referee counted him. Not long after, there was an interruption.

Asakura suffers his first KO loss

"I would like to thank the whole country of Japan; unbelievable country, unbelievable people," Mayweather said as he asked the crowd to salute their fighter.

Mayweather also acknowledged Manny Pacquiao who was ringside to support Asakura, before continuing: "I'm happy that we were able to give the fans excitement tonight. Thanks for having me, I'll be back."

Pacquiao then entered the ring to touch gloves with his rival having shared the ring with Mayweather in 2015. The Japanese MMA fighter was knocked out for the first time in his career, but it was an exhibition and this defeat will not be recorded in his official score.

Asakura did his best, he tried to threaten Floyd as much as he could according to his capabilities, but it was clear to everyone that it was a total "mismatch" where Asakura had no chance, even though Floyd filled 45 years.

Floyd thus made his second exhibition of the year, after boxing eight rounds against Don Moore (without a winner) in the fifth month. Last year he boxed against Logan Paul, and at the end of 2018, he appeared at Rizin and beat Tenshin Nasukawa already in the first round.

It is already known when a new exhibition awaits him. "Money" will fight Deji Olatunji, a British YouTuber, in November. Mayweather simply goes around the world, uses his name to book exhibitions, entertains against inferior opponents, and makes good money.