Anthony Joshua signs the contract after Tyson Fury's ultimatum

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Anthony Joshua signs the contract after Tyson Fury's ultimatum
Anthony Joshua signs the contract after Tyson Fury's ultimatum

Tyson Fury continued to put pressure on Anthony Joshua and his management team by constantly giving them ultimatums to sign, and the last one was the one where he asks Joshua to sign the contract by Monday, 09/26. First, we could hear Eddie Hearn's reaction where he was visibly frustrated and refused any possibility of agreeing to such blackmail conditions let's remember what he said about it.

"We'll know by Monday anyway because if it's not done by Monday, I'm moving on," Fury said on Saturday, where he was ringside for Joe Joyce's WBO interim heavyweight title win over Joseph Parker. "I'm not waiting around for some guy who's lost three of his last five fights.

He's lucky I'm giving him a world title shot, but I don't mind chucking him a bone, you know, but I don't want them to start dictating s--- to me. He is an invited guest at my party, my rules, so if you want to play the game, come to the banquet and take your seat." Now the former world champion Anthony Joshua has come forward and has verbally agreed to sign the contract for the time being.

Fury recently offered a 60-40 split in his favor, which seems fair considering Joshua is no longer belted.

And in a video posted to social media, Joshua said

"I’ve been signing contracts for years. It ain’t in my hands, it is with the legal team, that's why you hire lawyers.

You know the history of boxing, make sure you get your legal terms right. That’s why you have good management and good lawyers. Of course, I’m going to sign the contract, it’s just with some lawyers at the minute." With this statement, Joshua probably wanted to refer to the examples of boxers who signed contracts without studying them in detail, so it could happen that this brought them to the brink of bankruptcy.

For example, Mike Tyson once stated that Don King denied him 100 million dollars. Although Joshua initially tried to fight for the fight to take place just before Christmas, it looks like he will agree to Fury's terms, which is for the fight to take place on December 3rd (the 12th month).

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