Tyson Fury says the fight between him and Anthony Joshua is now OFF

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Tyson Fury says the fight between him and Anthony Joshua is now OFF

These days, Tyson Fury somehow tried to persuade Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn to sign the contract for their confrontation, which they verbally agreed on this month. With Fury giving an ultimatum to sign the contract by today at 17, that didn't happen and now it looks like we won't be seeing this heavyweight match.

Last month, Anthony Joshua was defeated for the second time by the excellent Oleksandr Usyk, and he did not return the belts to his possession. Fury just waited for that moment and called out to Joshua almost immediately, which Joshua initially agreed to.

However, the impression is that Hearn and Joshua do not like such an arrogant approach by Fury, who has given them an ultimatum on several occasions to sign the contract, the last of which was until today at 17:00. Joshua did not sign the contract, and Fury said on his Instagram profile: "It's officially over for Joshua.

He is now out in the cold with the wolfpack. Fury said. "Forget about it. Idiot. Coward. S***house. Body builder. Always knew it. Always knew you didn't have the minerals to fight the Gypsy king. "Regardless of what the f*** you say now, I don't really care.

Good luck with your career, and your life. End of. Peace out."

Joshua agreed to an ultimatum from Fury, but he said that it was not only up to him, but up to the lawyer and the legal team, but that he certainly accepted the fight.

Speaking on Instagram Live, Joshua said:

"It ain't in my hands - it's with a legal team. That's why you hire lawyers. "You know the history of boxing - make sure you get your legal terms right. That's why you get good management and good lawyers.

"So of course I'm going to sign the contract - it's just with some lawyers at the minute." Although there is no telling what's next for Fury, it's a shame if this is actually true. If Fury doesn't want to fight Usyk, Mahmoud Charr, who has already called him out several times, and Derek Chisora, with whom Fury had a 'war' before, is also an option.