Tyson Fury says he’s fighting Mahmoud Charr next

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Tyson Fury says he’s fighting Mahmoud Charr next

Tyson Fury made a real soap opera out of his career over the past few months. Multiple retirements and comebacks, calling out Usyk, Chisora, and finally Joshua. We have witnessed all this in the last few months. "Gypsy King" wanted to fight Joshua on December 3rd (12th month) badly, and although there were reports from Joshua's team that "AJ" would accept the match, in the end, it did not happen, at least not until the deadline which Fury determined.

Tyson insisted that Joshua sign the contract by 9/26, and at 17:00 (British time) Joshua's deadline for signing the contract ended. "It's officially over for Joshua. He is now out in the cold with the wolfpack.

Fury said. "Forget about it. Idiot. Coward. S***house. Bodybuilder. Always knew it. Always knew you didn't have the minerals to fight the Gypsy king. Regardless of what the f*** you say now, I don't really care. Good luck with your career, and your life.

End of. Peace out." Fury said via social media. Despite the fallout against Joshua, Fury still hopes to perform, and the question has become who will be his next opponent. Mahmoud Charr, formerly known as Manuel Charr, has emerged as the main favorite to become Fury's next opponent.

Charr began offering Fury an opponent as soon as doubts arose that Joshua would not sign the contract, and Fury responded via his social media:

"a man who wants to fight and has fire and desire"

Hardly anyone will be particularly excited about a match between Fury and Charr (33-4-0).

Charr is far from his best days. In 2012, Vitaliy Klitschko knocked him out in the fourth round of the WBC world title fight. In 2017, Charr won the WBA (Regular) title, but this was followed by three and a half years of inactivity.

Charr also failed the doping test during that period and returned in mid-2021 with a victory against Christopher Lovejoy. Mahmoud Charr made his last appearance in the fifth month of this year, and he defeated Nikola Milacic by knockout in the third round.

Boxrec currently ranks Charra 61st in the world heavyweight rankings. The 37-year-old German-Syrian boxer has a solid career behind him, but he recorded defeats whenever he met boxers from the very top. Vitali Klitschko, Alexander Povetkin, Johann Duhaupas, and Maris Briedis defeated him, and all of them except Duhaupas won by knockout.

Hardly anyone will be able to find meaning in this match, and it remains to be seen if Fury will truly fight Charr or if he will find a more suitable opponent. As for Charr's name, in 2019 Charr decided to revert to his birth name Mahmoud.