Tony Bellew does not understand why would Tyson Fury fight Mahmoud Char

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Tony Bellew does not understand why would Tyson Fury fight Mahmoud Char

The choice of the next opponent for Tyson Fury has been one of the main topics in boxing over the past few weeks. In addition to being one of the most current topics, this is also one of the topics that is becoming more and more tiresome.

"Gypsy King" has different desires and tendencies almost every other day. One day he wants to fight Derek Chisora, the next day he only wants Usyk, and the day after that he calls out Joshua. None of that has been officially agreed upon, at least not yet, and a few days ago Tyson Fury expressed interest in fighting Mahmoud Charr, a boxer who is currently not even in the top 60 according to Boxrec's rankings.

Charr is an opponent that many do not see the point of when it comes to Fury's next opponent, so Eddie Hearn also commented that he does not understand why Fury does not fight Joe Joyce if he cannot come to an agreement with Usyka and Joshua.

Mahmoud Charr is currently miles away from the top of the heavyweight division, and Fury is considered by many to be the best heavyweight in the world.

Tony Bellew

“Any man who negotiates over social media is crazy,” Bellew told Pro Boxing Fans.

You don’t negotiate mega, huge fights on two weeks' notice. It just doesn’t happen. It’s insane to think it’s possible”. “Are you surprised about [Fury-Joshua] not going down well?” Bellew added.

Supposedly the lineal heavyweight champion of the world facing a guy who’s not even in the top 20. If AJ comes out and says he’s fighting Manuel Charr next coming off the back of two losses, would you be happy? Why is the lineal heavyweight champion who’s defeated Deontay Wilder in three fights back-to-back, we all know the first fight wasn’t a draw, why is he being allowed to face Manuel Charr? You tell me.

It’s one rule for one, one rule for the other. All I know is look at AJ’s list. Full of Olympic gold medalists, Olympic champions, world champions, undisputed champions, it’s just full of champions after champions."

The impression is that the boxing public in general is starting to take Joshua's side, at least when it comes to negotiations with Fury. Eddie Hearn claims they agreed to all the terms, but Fury ultimately turned down the match.

"Gypsy King" is turning the table day by day, and if he ends up fighting a boxer like Charr, he will disappoint a lot of his fans, with all due respect to Mahmoud Charr.