Eddie Hearn on Tyson Fury vs Dereck Chisora: It makes the fight a hard sell

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Eddie Hearn on Tyson Fury vs Dereck Chisora: It makes the fight a hard sell

Promoter Eddie Hearn is a well-known face of the boxing scene. His fighter, Derek Chisora, will have an interesting challenge. He will have a fight against Tyson Fury, who is the absolute favorite. Eddie Hearn is a bit worried before this fight because he thinks that the audience doesn't want to watch the same match again.

“It’s difficult because Derek is my mate. But I’ve obviously seen the response from the public and how they’re disappointed with the fight,” Hearn told Betfred’s Lightweight Boxing Show.

“The fact that Tyson has beaten Derek twice already makes the fight a hard sell in that respect. Tyson Fury was always going to pick an ‘easy’ fight for December 3rd, ultimately. We thought that was going to be Manuel Charr.

But as it was met with such disdain from social media, they went with Derek Chisora instead. If Tyson hadn’t beaten Derek twice already, then two Brits going head-to-head is a pick we would have understood. People are upset with this fight because it’s an unwanted trilogy”.

Chisora's chances

Chisora does not have such a great chance to win according to the opinion of the majority. Hearn reacted to this; “Del Boy always shows up. He’s coming into the fight off the back of a victory against Kubrat Pulev.

He will give everything in that fight. ” Hearn believes that Tottenham Stadium will be sold out. “They’ve said they’ve sold 50,000 tickets already, so I believe the fight will sell out the stadium. Tyson Fury is a big name.

People know who Derek Chisora is [due to his platform with Matchroom]. It’s a bit of a weird one, December 3rd without a roof. But we Brits are a bit crazy and think it’s funny, so we will turn up anyway. They’ll need a strong undercard because I don’t think it will smash pay-per-view records, but it could have been a lot worse. If Tyson would have fought Manuel Charr, then maybe nobody would have shown up”.