Jake Paul sends a message for Dana White following the victory over Anderson Silva

He celebrated against the legendary Anderson Silva

by Faruk Imamovic
Jake Paul sends a message for Dana White following the victory over Anderson Silva

YouTube star Jake Paul passed his toughest test of his career so far tonight. Although he could boast of victories over Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley before, as of today he can also do so with a victory over the legend Anderson Silva.

After eight rounds, Jake was better, and in the last one he even sent "Spider" to a knockdown. Immediately after the fight, Paul called out Nate Diaz and Canelo, but Uriah Hall called out Jake after his victory. Who will be next for the popular YouTuber, we will see in the future.

By the way, Jake and Dana White have a big beef. They have already fought many times in the media about various things, and it is clear how much intolerance reigns between the two, so even Paul did not miss the opportunity to mention White after the big victory: "Dana [White], bro you said I wouldn't do this, and I did it with flying colors.

But he's in hiding. you know? He doing all he can to stop my run and sabotage my fights. He hates me, he hates what I'm doing, he hates that I'm exposing his business. Now we [Paul and Silva] are going band together and create a United Fighters Association to help UFC fighters, all MMA fighters, and boxers to get more fighter pay, long-term health care...

So, man, Dana White can suck this d**k." Jake said at the press conference.

After the victory, Jake said:

"I want Nate Diaz. He's a bitch," Paul said, according to Damon Martin of MMAFighting.com. "He tried to come into my locker room.

He tried to cause some shit. Then he always leaves the fucking arena. Nate Diaz, stop being a bitch and fight me." Jake passed his toughest test yet and remained undefeated, and what awaits him next remains to be seen. Maybe something good will come out of this enmity between Jake and Dana, and it will be great if they manage to provide the fighters with what Jake is talking about.

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