Anthony Joshua says the fight against Tyson Fury will happen

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Anthony Joshua says the fight against Tyson Fury will happen

Tyson Fury made a real stir in the heavyweight division before the announcement of the match with Derek Chisora. There were a lot of famous boxers, but the soap opera with Antony Joshua is probably the most memorable for everyone, when Fury repeatedly ordered Joshua to sign the contract by the end of the day, to which, logically, neither Joshua nor Hearn agreed.

Fury probably wanted to collect massively once again this year and take advantage of the "broken" Joshua, who currently has two defeats in a row, against the excellent Usyk. However, Joshua does not intend to stop there with his career, but decided to take time and reset himself, and last night he commented on the whole situation surrounding Fury: "Even if I am not fighting, my name is getting called out every day so it’s a mental pressure of being AJ and holding up a reputation, they go hand-in-hand.

Trying to do this thing, and do it properly, is tough. Boxers are rough and tough, but this boxing is a lot of mental pressure." Joshua began.

It will happen [the Tyson Fury fight].

“My dance partner – the last geezer I was supposed to fight – he’s a good dance partner.

He handles the social media side and I think we do good business behind the scenes to be fair”. “It will happen [the Tyson Fury fight]. Same generation. But even aside from [the entertainment] side, just as two competitors, two fighters.

He’s definitely someone that is a fighting man, and what people fail to realise [when] they say the social media stuff’s annoying, culturally speaking, from Tyson Fury’s culture – the gypsy culture – it’s on the phone … it’s embedded in the culture”.

“From where I grew up I’ve been around that community as well so I know that that’s just how they call out fighters, it’s nothing personal, but from my culture we don’t really deal with things like that.

We’re a bit more low key”. Joshua said. When that will happen is hard to say. Chisora ​​is waiting for Fury in the twelfth month, and according to his promoter, he will fight Usyk in the first quarter of next year, so now Joshua will probably have to wait.

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