Oleksandr Usyk doesn't understand why Tyson Fury is fighting Derek Chisora

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Oleksandr Usyk doesn't understand why Tyson Fury is fighting Derek Chisora

What a stir Tyson Fury made in the boxing public by arranging a match against Derek Chisora. The "Gypsy King" will square off for the third time in his career with Derek Chisora, who is fat at the end of his career. The match will take place on December 3rd (12th month) at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium, and while everyone was expecting Fury against Anthony Joshua, Oleksandr Usyk, or possibly Joe Joyce, we got Derek Chisora ​​who has three losses in his last four appearances and a narrow win against Kubrat Pulev.

It's hard to say how that's enough for an attack on the world champion title. Tyson Fury will justify this pick for the next month, but the reality is that he won't convince almost anyone that this is a matchup that makes sense.

There is a high probability that Fury will easily win that match as he did the first two times, and we hope that in 2023 he will still face Oleksandr Usyk, who holds the WBO, WBA, and IBF heavyweight world titles. In a conversation with ESPN, the Ukrainian heavyweight commented on Fury's choice of Chisora ​​as his next opponent.

Usyk doesn't understand the choice of "Gypsy King" either.

“At this moment, it kind of makes me laugh. Why is he doing this? I think we already agreed to a fight with him, and now he’s running and saying I don’t want to fight him.

I know that [he is scared of me]”. Usyk made these statements during the broadcast of the fight between Lomachenko and Ortiz, and manager Egis Klimas acted as a translator. Along the way, Klimas revealed that the match between Usyk and Fury could take place at the end of February (2nd month) or early March (3rd month). Saudi Arabia is the most likely location for holding that spectacle.

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