Anderson Silva's performance against Jake Paul did not please Daniel Cormier

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Anderson Silva's performance against Jake Paul did not please Daniel Cormier

Jake Paul defeated legend and true veteran Anderson Silva this past weekend to record his sixth professional victory and continue his undefeated streak. After eight rounds, he won by referee's decision, and in the last one he even knocked down the legendary Silva.

There is a lot of debate about whether the fight was fixed or not, but it was evident that Silva played the match quite restrained. Supporters of the theory that the match was fixed will say that he was paid to do the match poorly and passively, while others will say that he is still 48 years old and that he cannot be the fighter he was in his "prime".

Be that as it may, it is clear to Daniel Cormier that Silva is a much better fighter than he showed last Saturday: “I thought that Jake Paul showed a lot of heart,” Cormier said on his “DC & RC” ESPN show.

“I thought Anderson Silva fought valiantly. You know what sucked? I felt like Anderson did what he is known to do, and it’s a bit of his M.O. If he was more active, he would have won, but he just wasn’t. There were a lot spots in the fight where lack of activity cost him.

“He gave away some rounds to Jake Paul early, because he just didn’t do enough. When he put his foot on the gas, you saw that he was the better fighter, Anderson Silva. But he just did not put the gas enough to win the fight, and then he got dropped in the last round”.

Paul has grown exponentially

“You know what I think we learned in that fight about Jake Paul was that he can fight,” Cormier said. “If he would have fought Anderson last year, Anderson would have beaten him if Anderson fought the way that he did.

But the kid’s improving. The one that beat (Tyron) Woodley would have lost to that Anderson Silva Saturday night”. On this occasion, Jake Paul achieved the biggest victory of his career and the sixth overall, and time will tell what awaits him now.

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