(WATCH) Tyson Fury's father threatened Jake Paul

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(WATCH) Tyson Fury's father threatened Jake Paul

The rivalry between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul is one of the fiercest in the world of celebrity boxing. Tommy Fury is the half-brother of Tyson Fury, he is also a boxer, but he achieved fame by participating in the Love Island reality show.

Jake Paul on the other hand is a YouTuber who is also building a boxing career. The two had a match scheduled twice, but both times Tommy Fury was the reason for the cancellation of those matches. The first time he was injured and canceled his performance, and this summer their match was canceled because Tommy was banned from entering the USA (you can read more about the reasons for the ban HERE).

While those matches were still in play, Jake Paul would often get into a verbal argument with John Fury, the father of Tyson and Tommy Fury. John is known as a very temperamental, but also a violent person with whom you should not engage in conflicts.

57-year-old John had quite a few problems with the law. It is about a man who was also a boxer, and according to his statements, he has hundreds of boxing matches without gloves ("bare-knuckle"). He also did 13 professional boxing matches (8-4-1), but he did not build a particularly successful career.

Ringside footage of John Fury trying to attack Jake Paul

In 2011, he was convicted of gouging out a person's eye in a physical conflict and was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

He was released in 2015. It was obvious to everyone that having Jake Paul and John Fury around each other was a no-brainer, but that's what happened last night in Dubai. Floyd Mayweather boxed against YouTuber Deji, and a little earlier Tommy Fury also boxed against Rolly Lambert in an exhibition without a winner.

Immediately after the end of the match, John Fury found himself in the ring, and Jake Paul was sitting in the first rows to the ring. Tyson Fury's father was trying to get a confrontation with Jake. John took off his shirt and several people had to calm him down and prevent him from leaving the ring.

"Put down the microphone and look me in the eyes. I would fight Mike Tyson to the death!'', are some of the words of John Fury, while Jake Paul stood near the ring and watched the enraged John Fury. What can I add, except that John Fury has obvious self-control problems when it comes to violent outbursts, and Jake Paul simply enjoys provoking? There is no doubt that one day we will still see Tommy Fury and Jake Paul in the ring.

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