Dmitry Bivol about the next opponents and fights

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Dmitry Bivol about the next opponents and fights

Dmitry Bivol talked about his options for the fight in 2023 in an interview with DAZN. Gilberto 'Zurdo' Ramirez was a tough opponent, but was it a tough fight for him? “I expect the fight like it went. Ramirez, he did everything that he could.

He threw a lot of body punches and tried to catch me on the body. It wasn’t easy for me,” said Dmitry Bivol. “It looks easy. The whole fight, I was focused and tried to push him the whole time. I took a little bit of pause in round eight.

Bivol commented on his fights and opponents. He compared Ramirez and Alvarez “It was two different fights,” said Bivol. “I spent a lot more energy and focus in my fight against Canelo because I felt I had to win every round, and I tried to do it”.

“With Ramirez, a couple of times, I thought, I could make a pause and do it again,” said Bivol. “Against Canelo, all fight, I wasn’t about power; of course, Canelo was a more powerful fighter. Canelo, his punch more harder than Ramirez, but Ramirez used more combinations.

He threw three punches and Canelo one or two, and Canelo faster.

Bivol and Beterbiev

Bivol commented on Beterbiev. “It’s hard work to be focused for 36 minutes. You get tired. When you’re focused, you expend more energy.

He’s a good fighter,” “Of course, you have to be ready for him. You have to be ready to be focused all fight. Bivol also revealed his plans for the future if he wins against Beterbiev “Maybe, I will drink and forget about,” said Bivol.

“I think I will be fat too. I love eating. “Every time I talk about who my next opponent that I want to fight Zurdo, it was three years ago. Can I choose another option? ‘Do you want to fight in England against Richards?’ ‘Can I fight with another guy who is more stronger and famous?’ ‘No, can make it in England against Richards.’ “‘Okay, I need to fight, I will fight,’ and I got used to situations like this.

I can say to my promoter, ‘You can make me every fight which is the biggest you can see. Beterbiev, I’m ready. Canelo, I’m ready, but I prefer.