Jake Paul on the match with Tommy Fury: I wouldn’t have to train to fight him

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Jake Paul on the match with Tommy Fury: I wouldn’t have to train to fight him

Many expect a match between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva. It will be a real spectacle, and it's time for it to finally happen. Paul talked about a potential match; “Yeah, there’s definitely interest. I think if his team is taking the financial risk and putting the event on, then I’m cool with that,” Paul told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

“I just don’t want to take the risk anymore because I think he’s going to back out, again, most likely. But it’s an easy fight for me. Way easier than Anderson. “The kid’s a novice, he’s never fought anyone good.

He’s never even fought an eight round fight. He just doesn’t have the experience like I do, which is crazy to say because he’s been doing it his whole life, but people call him a professional boxer and they respect him as a professional boxer.

So I would love to strip that title from him. I wouldn’t even have to actually train for that fight. I would still train because I’m a professional, but I wouldn’t have to train to fight him”.

Jake Paul and the UK

Jake Paul is ready to fight in England, and he is attracted by the great atmosphere.

“I think that would be epic,” Paul said. “I love going to those crowds, because they would all boo me and I shut them up all the time. I like playing that role and being the heel. Especially in the U.K”.

Jake Paul has many more offers on the table, and in the end he will choose the best one. “I guess we have to go to the drawing board,” Paul said. “I haven’t really had a chance to decompress and see if there’s other fighters calling me out.

But definitely a lot of options on the table, and I’m just going to do what makes the most sense and makes the most hype. So back to the drawing board, I guess”.

Jake Paul